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Friday, December 8






Directors and Administrators Only: 'An Indistinct Aspect in the Writing Center Curriculum: Reading Instruction and Strategies' Room 468 Directors and Administrators Only: 'How Google Classroom Can Maximize Your Writing Center's Performance' Room 470 Directors and Administrators Only: 'The Little Writing Center That Could' Room 475 Building a Bridge for Student Outreach Room 320FULL Paired Presentations: 'Branching Out: Getting Your Center Involved in the Community' and 'Learning the 'ABCs': A Better Connection to Our Future Writers' Room 310FULL Paired Presentations: 'Help On All Fronts: Turning A Writing Center Into A Tutoring Center' and 'Writing Centers: It All Starts with the Tutors' Room 311FULL Paired Presentations: 'Helping Students Find Their 'Happy Place' with Peer Tutoring' and 'Teacher's Pet: How to Use Feedback From Teachers to Improve Your Writing Center' Room 308FULL Paired Presentations: 'How to 'Ad' Tutees to the Writing Center' and 'Questioning Questions' Room 467FULL Paired Presentations: 'Improving the Tutor Through Tutoring Family Feedback' and "'Push Versus Pull': Developing an 'Outreach Program' to Serve the Writing Community' Room 313ALMOST FULL! Paired Presentations: 'Watch and Learn: The Importance of Observation in Peer Tutoring' and 'Two Heads are Better than One: Making Writing Centers a Welcoming Place for Everyone' Room 312FULL Spicing Up Your Center: How to Expand and Diversify Your Tutor Population Room 317FULL The Invisible Writing Room: Conducting a Writing Center Under Any Circumstance Room 466 Tutor Mingle: Find the Best Match for your Center Room 318FULL